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The DTI is looking to appoint an independent service provider to conduct benchmarking, market testing and performance audit services with respect to facilities management (FM) services within the public  private partnership (PPP) of the Department of Trade and Industry.  For details of tender no:  DTI 12/17-18 please follow this link.

FM Qualification out for Public Comment
The Facilities Manager Vocational Qualification is out for public comment. The Qualification, Curriculum and Assessment Specification documents are available on the QCTO website.

To submit comments please read instructions in the Public Comment September Gazette. According to the gazette, comments are due 21 days from publication which was 07 September 2017.

Looking for an FM Intern/Graduate?
We have a number of BTech Construction Management (Facilities Management) graduates seeking internship positions. Contact  for their CV's

Property Practioner's Bill
SAFMA would like to advise all of our members of the impending Property Practitioner’s Bill.

According to information provided by the Department of Human Settlements, “The Property Practitioners Bill is intended to repeal the current Estate Agency Affairs Act, 1976 (Act No. 112 of 1976). Its objective is to respond to the changing market conditions which over the years increasingly saw the property transaction processes gaining momentum, importance and value.”   SAFMA attended the public hearings that have already taken place and raised a concern.  Our views are being formally confirmed with the Department of Human Settlements.

SAFMA has, on behalf of our members, asked for a legal opinion on how this bill could affect our members . We strongly advise all of our members and their legal teams to take a close look at the Bill which is also attached.

Click here to view the proposed Bill

SANS1752 Strategic Facilities Management System – Requirements was approved by SABS on the 10 March, after years of development, public consultation and hard work by various stakeholders within the FM industry! This ground-breaking standard marks the first FM standard developed in SA, and the standard will serve as a baseline for ISO Standard 410001, which is currently being developed worldwide. For those who are keen to get a copy of the standard, go online to:

https://store.sabs/sans-1752-ed-1-00-1 (Price: R441.18)

Property Charter Council - The breakdown of Economic Development Components for both Large and QSE Entities

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT -Investment and property development in under-resourced areas based on the infrastructure municipality index developed by Financial Draft aligned sector code (FSC). Note: An Economic Development Investment anticipates a return on investment whereas a Contribution is a recognised payment within an economic Development Programme with no return expected 

According to Section 12.9 and 12.10 of the Gazetted Amended Property Sector Code under Economic Development, if the measured Entity only undertakes Economic Development under one of the indicators then the points of the two indicators are aggregated and the Compliance Target for that indicator is doubled.

Contact OR view Gazette No 40910 - Property Sector Code for more details